Our Social Impact

Learn about how we build and give back to communities in Africa and the Diaspora.


Community Building

Together - we can create a world class portfolio of products and services that showcase the talent of Africa and its Diaspora. All our products are ethical: carefully handcrafted or sewn with love; and each purchase or trade positively impacts the social and economic development of our communities. 

Our Shared Value


Help us empower challenged artisan communities by creating, sustaining and retaining community building initiatives that Advocate for and enable them to have access to basic necessities such as food, water, electricity, shelter.  We advocate for and believe in 'shared value' to create synergies amongst all key stakeholders - artisans, consumers, etc. 

Vision into Action


Want to become a part of this great vision, then take action today! Make a Purchase! Trade your products! Submit a Blog article or product reviews! But most important of all, Engage with us by contributing to ongoing conversations on any of our Social Media platforms:  @decortege.