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Décortege (pronounced /dā kôrˈteZ) is a community building marketplace of fair trade African inspired home décor and lifestyle textiles, arts, crafts, and other accesssories sourced from the African continent and its Diaspora.  We currently source mostly from West Africa: Benin, Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Togo - and plan to expand into other countries and markets in the near future.  Our marketplace features superior quality products that Accentuate your Space



Our mission is to transform the lives of artisans, craft makers, etc. on the African continent and in the African Diaspora through a leading edge marketplace that connects talented artisans with reputable and established home décor and lifestyle brand leaders and their consumers around the world. Our marketplace provides designers on the African continent with the resources, processes, and tools required to expand their local supply to meet global demand. 



Our vision is to create a world class brand of products and services that showcase the talent of Africa and its Diaspora. We will ensure that all products are carefully handcrafted or sewn with love and that each purchase or sale contributes directly to the economic success of these communities. We make a pledge to frequently visit our artisan communities to create, sustain and retain programs and initiatives that advocate for and enable our artisans to have access to basic necessities such as food, water, electricity, shelter, etc.

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